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Application for The Boardroom

Contact UsThe boardroom exists to unite innovation and opportunity, by identifying the entrepreneurial spirit and market potential in emerging businesses.

The Boardroom invites a limited number of applicants to present their business to a panel of successful business executives and/or investors. During the interactive session, Board Members provide initial evaluation, feedback, and advice on potential improvements in terms of presentation and planning, strategy and tactics, overcoming challenges, and improving appeal to potential investors. The value of this opportunity cannot be overstated.

If you feel your business idea represents the level of innovation and business potential sought by The Boardroom, we invite you to submit an application for consideration!

All applications are personally reviewed by The Boardroom Chairman. Due to the overwhelming number of responses we receive, only applications that pass initial evaluation will be contacted directly for additional information.

Please send the following information to &

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What are you looking for from The Boardroom?

Thank you!